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Alloy rims restoration

Alloy rims restoration

Tireshop team offers used alloy rims painting and restoration services:

·Blasting or sandblasting - surface cleaning with sand, compressed air or steam.

·Alloy rims polishing - fine abrasive application with a soft polishing wheel, the rims acquires shine.

·Alloy rims powder-painting - Coating with polyester or epoxy powder which is then heated to form a protective layer.

·Alloy rims welding - flaws are welded by argon welding.

·Alloy rims painting - any color available (powder-painting or painting with metallic paint and varnishing).

·Prices from 120 EUR to 400 EUR - Painting price depends on the condition and diameter of the wheel.


For more information on prices and deadlines, call 26606262 or write to e-mail info@tireshop.lv

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