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Car interior ozonation

Car interior ozonation

We will help you achieve a fresh and enjoyable smell inside your vehicles interior.

If there is a bad odour coming from the air vents when you switch on the a/c, that’s how you know that the ventilation system has gathered bacteria from the winter moisture.




With ozonation we will achieve getting rid of any microorganisms and smells in the interior such as,

  • Bacteria
  • Mould and moisture
  • Cigarette odours
  • Food odours
  • Pet odours

   Bacteria and mould in your vehicle can cause serious allergies and health issues such as asthma and many other illnesses, most importantly it can have a huge impact on younger children who’s organisms are still developing.

    Tireshop team with the ozonation generator will kill the odours and bacteria in the space of 2 hours. The ozonation process is environment friendly.

The price of this service is only €40 by Tireshop


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