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Window tinting in Riga

Window tinting in Riga

For years we have been practicing car window tinting. We only tint with specialized, high quality films that have gained wide acclaim worldwide, such as Bleher, Diablo, Lexen and more.

We offer film tinting from 10% to 90% transparency. The whole process takes only 2 hours. We give a 10 year warranty!

Prices starting from 60 EUR

The tinting films hold ultraviolet rays, protecting the interior from premature fading.
By applying tinting films, you can save on fuel because, thanks to innovative technology, they keep the cabin warm in the winter and, on the contrary, prevent the car from overheating.

Protective films contain fragments together as a result of a severe impact, such as in the event of a stone strike or a collision, preventing them from flying in all directions. This reduces the risk of injury and mutilation.

Protective Feature - Protect yourself from the gaze of your surroundings continues to work great with tinting films.

A large palette of colors and materials allows you to choose the film that will work best with your car. The tinting films will give a sophisticated look and a strong character.

Not only does tinting improve the visual appearance of the car, it also gives the driver and passengers greater security against the harmful effects of sunlight, which are often the cause of serious skin conditions. Research has shown that tinting of car windows traps harmful ultraviolet rays, preventing them from entering the interior, thus protecting both the health of the occupants and the interior (panels, seats, floor coverings) from drying out.

The sunlight does not heat the cabin, it does not heat the interior, allowing the air conditioner to be reduced during the summer, which also saves fuel. Often cars without car tinting have a high coefficient of glass glare, which causes unsafe driving and strains the driver's attention and vision. Tinted car glasses reduce this glare, making driving much safer and more comfortable.

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