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Car Polishing in Riga

Car Polishing in Riga

Car polishing helps keep the body clean and restores its original shine. When polishing the machine and treating the body with any protective equipment, the car will not need to be washed frequently and the body will be protected from the effects of adverse weather for a long period of time.


Polishing removes micro cracks and shallow scratches. After polishing, the body is treated with wax, which fills in small irregularities and pores, provides longer shine retention and provides protection against varnish and varnish weather.


Car polishing begins with car preparation, which is one of the most important processes.


Before polishing the car, the car is washed with shampoo.
After the car wash, the surface of the car is developed with the aid of special cleaning agents, chemicals and car clay.
After the car wash, it is important to dry the car using special microfiber cloths, towels that do not damage the lacquer coating.
Once the car is dried, it is sealed with paper tape to prevent polishing paste from getting to parts where it is not needed.


The process of polishing the car itself is done in several steps, polishing with various abrasive pastes and polishing machines of various effects.

After polishing the car body, a protective wax is applied to the car to protect the polished car from environmental influences.


Headlight polishing
Both front and rear plastic headlights lose their opacity over time and begin to pale, with lines, scratches and dots appearing. Scratched and discolored headlights not only damage the look of the car, they also lose their optical properties. The beam of the lamp is emitted and darkened, which endangers safe driving.

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